Client Experiences


"Fit as a Fiddle is extremely eye-opening because it connects the musical, emotional side of playing with the mechanics of how we use our body. It has freed me from many of my physical bad habits that would block my ability to communicate all kinds expression." 

Claire Bourg, violinist

"Howard Nelson is a voice that knows whereof it speaks."

 Leon Fleisher, pianist

"Pam understands intimately the musical passion and feelings that lead us to carry extra tension as we play our instruments, while Howard has a rich knowledge about posture and the body which also translates to activities outside of music. This is why working with both of them at the same time is so great —discovering how good use of the body can make musical ideas flow more freely, and more importantly, prevent injuries so we can all keep playing!”

Oliver Herbert, cellist

“The process of awareness was a key concept in these sessions, ultimately allowing me to take the knowledge with me everywhere I go. Most people just say "relax". Here, I found out what that meant for me and for my body. Thank you for helping me find the root cause of my pain, and for the positive and active approach to getting rid of it.”

Maria Ioudenitch, violinist

"Howard Nelson's suggestions of doing simple, specific stretches during breaks in piano practice have been very helpful for me as well as my students. 

I'm grateful to Howard for his expertise in recognizing how certain "irritants" exacerbated a finger injury I had sustained.   Once he made me aware of the importance of eliminating the 'irritants', the result was transforming and healing."

Katherine Jacobson, pianist

"Howard’s extensive knowledge of the functioning of the body and Pam’s own personal experience as an elite professional musician who recovered from a severe injury, make them the perfect team to seek out for help.....Not only  in terms of diagnosing the problem and treating it through physical therapy exercises, but also in terms of understanding the causes — how those relate to your playing, and to your every day life activities, which help prevent problems as well.

They’re also great people! They literally saved me."

Pablo Muñoz Salido, violist

"My symptoms were as follows:
Slight numbness in my right arm, as if someone is gently pulling it down.  I got occasional tingles, not pain, in my left hand.  My neck was tense.  When I first experienced left arm discomfort was when the intensity was highest, probably 6~7 out of 10.
Now I can say with assurance that these symptoms were the result of sustaining body positions that were not neutral, for they gradually disappeared as I worked with you on neutralizing my neck and arm positions.
I don't have any recurring symptoms anymore."

In Mo Yang, violinist