What to Expect

The Nelson-Frank team offers a 90 minute evaluation and 60 minute follow-ups.  Three initial sessions are necessary to complete a thorough assessment, and to create a customized treatment plan.  If the root cause of the problem has been accurately determined, and the client follows the instructions, by six sessions it should be clear whether this treatment will be of long-term benefit or not.  Videotape is used in their evaluations.


movement analysis

The evaluation consists of a systematic exam to establish the movement-related cause for the problem.  Mr. Nelson observes if someone's preferred alignment and preferred way of moving are causing pain.  He will then modify this alignment or movement to become more biomechanically correct, and note whether this correction diminishes the discomfort. If so, the direction or alignment that caused the symptom points to a movement diagnosis.  If this same result occurs with multiple tests and functional activities, the diagnosis is confirmed.


Musician analysis

Ms. Frank analyzes how the musician plays, and how their body mechanics may contribute to the problem.  She screens for excess tension.  Typically her findings correlate with what Mr. Nelson found in his movement assessment.  They work together on analyzing set-up according to both sets of findings.  A major focus is to find a more efficient way of playing.  In addition, the way a musician practices will be carefully assessed and modified as necessary. 

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Types of treatment

- Train new pain free movement patterns in everyday activities.

- Develop exercises and strategies that facilitate changing old painful movement habits.

- Teach client how to use video in order to self-correct.

- Customize set-up.

- Modify playing mechanics and practice habits as needed.

- Minimize excess tension.

  • A by-product of decreasing tension and improving mechanics is that a player's sound is often improved.
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